Flexible models that suit you.

Our #1 goal is to protect academic integrity, and we provide flexible pricing and integration models to help ensure that your institution has the right tools to fight plagiarism in the age of AI.

We offer multiple options. Our team is here to help determine what plan is right for you, and to help estimate costs for custom integrations, higher usage requirements, or self-hosted options.

Individual Plan

Recommended for individual educators. FictitiousAI is free to try.
• Free intro consultation and project cost estimates
• Canvas LMS integration
• 72-hour support SLA
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Education Plan

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Designed to suit academic institutions with any number of students.
• Everything from the Trial plan, plus:
• Additional LMS integrations
• Single sign-on (SSO)
• 12-hour support SLA
• Dedicated account representative
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Need something else?

Our team is here to ensure that using FictitiousAI is accessible and extensible, based on your requirements.
• Custom support contracts and SLAs
• Custom integrations
• Developer API access
• Free project cost estimates and consultations
• Custom compliance and governance features (including self-hosted options)
• Integration engineering billed hourly or per-project
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Transparent Billing

Our console includes features to easily see your usage and control billing.

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Integration Engineering

Our team of engineers is here to help with custom integrations.

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Free Consultations

We are here to help you determine if FictitiousAI is the right platform for you.

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Customizable Platform

Our platform can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Have questions about our pricing model? Contact us! We're here to protect academic integrity, and can discuss additional options that best suit your needs.

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