Unparalleled detection capabilities.

FictitiousAI detects content written by AI models like ChatGPT and GPT-4 with authoritative accuracy, and helps educators understand potential dishonesty.

FictitiousAI is built to protect schools. We've designed our platform to help ensure that education remains fair and to protect schools from AI/ML-powered cheating techniques.

Authoritative accuracy

We use industry-leading ML models to detect generated content with 99.9% accuracy. Our platform takes the guesswork out of the academic integrity protection process.

By educators, for educators

Our team includes current and former educators, as well as leading tech professionals with experience from Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft.

Comprehensive detection

Our proprietary system flags content written by generative AI models including ChatGPT, GPT-4, and more. Our industry-leading ML approach is designed to be generic, and detects over 50 text generation techniques.

Customizable platform

Our entire platform is designed to be customizable for your use case. We are here to help ensure that FictitiousAI is the right platform for you.

Seamless integrations

Our integrations with leading LMS systems including Canvas allow you to import students, assignments, and submissions with a single click. Then, you can view results from our interactive console.

User-friendly console

Our interactive console is built to be easy-to-use, with a low learning curve that allows you to focus on protecting academic integrity without having to learn new tools.

A list of assignments in the FictitiousAI console

Import students and assignments into our console.
We support one-click LMS integrations.

Out platform allows you to import students, assignments, and submissions in one click from Canvas (additional LMS integrations available by request).

A list of submissions in the FictitiousAI console

Analyze student submissions for AI-generated text.
Our platform processes PDFs, Word files, and raw text.

You can view the detailed results of submission analyses from our interactive web console. Student submissions are automatically imported from your LMS system.

A list of submissions in the FictitiousAI console

View and analyze detailed results. Our easy-to-use web interface displays detailed results for your review.

Our algorithms calculate plagiarism probabilities at the essay, paragraph, and sentence level.

(Hint: we wrote two of the paragraphs in this screenshot by hand, and generated the rest with ChatGPT

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