Next-gen plagiarism checks.

The FictitiousAI platform is a tool for educators to verify that student writing is genuine, rather than AI-generated.

We use industry-leading machine learning techniques to detect AI-generated content.
While auto-writing tools like ChatGPT are fun to play with, students shouldn't be able to submit them as their own original works. We believe that a new set of plagiarism detection tools need to be used to prevent academic dishonesty in the future -- so we built FictitiousAI.

Learn more about our hassle-free integration process. We have a three-step process for onboarding your institution to FictitiousAI.


Intro Consultation

We'll set a virtual call to meet with you, understand your requirements, and demo the FictitiousAI platform.


Integration Setup

FictitiousAI integrates directly into your LMS. Our support engineers will ensure that your learning systems are linked to ours to power a seamless experience.



Your staff will receive access to the FictitiousAI platform and can start viewing results as students submit their work into your LMS.

Get Started

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